Online MBA Programs, what are the differences ?
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Online MBA Programs, what are the differences ?

 Online MBA Programs, what are the differences?

Current demand for MBA students tended to rise, despite difficulty of the economy as well as businesses in the country, the benefits of having an MBA at work is very large compared with one having the University degree only, benefits are from salary improvement to career advancement. Many candidates compare MBA degree as a key to open the door of successful.

However, the person doing a professional work may feel odd to return to school. Studying an MBA course at college is time consuming and waste money. The good news is that you can get MBA degree online, but today there are many different online MBA programs and you have to choose the suitable programs for your personal career.

What are the differences?

The difference of being involved in an MBA online is the flexibility in time and students can continue to develop their career. Students can attend classes at suitable times, from anywhere. With the state-of-art online learning tools, student can access in all materials and numerous e-books and articles at their own house. Beside, the tuition of the program is not so high compared with the traditional MBA programs.

Other than the convenience and flexibility of MBA degree programs online, there are no differences between traditional MBA programs and online courses.

Programs is accredited by ACBSP

One of the successful model of online education in the world is SMC University from Switzerland, the SMCU MBA programs are accredited by ACBSP, a renowned accreditation authority in the USA and is recognized by CHEA (Council of Higher Education). Furthermore SMCU is member of ENQA affiliated authority European Council of Business Education.

MBA programs by SMC will help students to form the strategic vision, self-study planning, learn to recognize opportunities, identify problems and be able to effectively respond to changes in the business environment through the analysis of real-world case studies. Learning will be more useful when students can apply what they learned in real work. After all, students are not only achieve the international degree but also the benefits in their career as professional self-development.

In Vietnam the SMCU MBA is specialized in Strategic Procurement, will advance career of persons who are working in logistics, supply chain field. The program focuses on core procurement and management skills such as contracts, negotiations, project management and supply chain management. Building off of the core curriculum of the MBA program, this specialization prepares learners aspiring to work with business and government organizations, either locally or globally.

In a globalized economy, the door of free trade is opened will create opportunities and challenges for the development of businesses in the logistics area. Therefore, preparation for the human resources in business with the international knowledge will be a huge competitive advantage for businesses.

SMC University- MBA in Strategic Procurement

-Admission Criteria: Successful applicants must fulfill the following:

+ Bachelor degree from an internationally recognized academic institution.

+ Min. 3 years of work experience in executive or senior management positions.

+ Proficiency in English.

- Duration: 21 months.

For further information and admission in Viet Nam please contact:

Vietnam Institute of Logistics (VIL)

Tel: 08. 3933 0148




About SMC University (

SMC University was founded in 1985 as an executive training provider. In 2002 the institution evolved into an international acclaimed university, specialized in offering flexible distance learning Master and Doctorate programs targeted at the working professional.

The core of SMC’s student body, which consists of high achievers from currently more than 120 countries worldwide, has and advanced professional standing and typically resides at the very top of internationally renowed organizations and business. SMC’s flexible online Master and Doctorate programs can be followed part-time from any place in alignment with the students’ personal and professional commitments.

The renowned media and opinion leaders like Newsweek, have rated SMC being one of the leading, most innovative, and most international Universities in the world.

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